A&A has extensive knowledge and experience in Northern mining and construction industries, specialzing in cold weather installtion.  In the last 23 years, we have installed more than one million Sqmt of geosynthetic liners with ZERO LTA.


“A lot of it’s Northern know-how. We’re able to provide services that weren’t available from southern companies. We made it happen year round.” – Al Harmon, quoted in an Up Here magazine innovation profile, March 2002.


State-of-the-Art Hot Wedge and Extrusion Welding

A&A Technical uses Plastic Welding Technologies (PWT) “WEDGE IT” and Demtech “PRO WEDGE” series wedge welders and testing accessories, widely considered the best in the business, for their reliability, quality welds and durability. We also use PWT X3-EX/GEO Extruders, the best choice for serious geomembrane installations.

Because your projects depend on us, and we depend on our equipment, we take our tools very seriously. We are sure to keep multiple units at hand for back-up purposes, and all tools are fully serviced at regular intervals. Our workers also undergo rigorous operational and safety training, so you can feel confident that we know our equipment inside-out.


Geomembrane Liners and Geotextiles for Unique Containment Needs

We understand that no two containment projects are alike. Every one has unique characteristics and challenges, due from differences in geography, climate, the availability of construction materials and equipment, budgets, timelines and phased approaches, geology, environmental concerns, and transportation logistics (even moving materials around the North requires foresight and thorough planning). Because of our wide-ranging experience from the far east of Nunavut to the Mackenzie Mountains to the Arctic coast, we have gained a first-hand and intimate knowledge of those challenges, and can be counted upon to work with your design engineers and project leads to propose solutions that meet your needs and objectives, even those far outside the norm.

Need someone who understands the North? Look no further than A&A Technical Services.