A&A Technical Services has completed liner installations in some of the most challenging environments in the world, meticulously heat-welding geomembranes and testing every last square meter using our rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Fuel Tank Farms
With a major Arctic diamond mine’s fuel supplies rapidly dwindling and more capacity required, A&A was called upon to complete liner installations in the extreme cold of mid-January. The goal: meet a series of tight schedules to ready the containment systems before the first fuel trucks began to roll off the ice road for re-supply. A&A met the challenge successfully.
Frozen Foundation Dams
The work had to be done through the most frigid depths of winter. A&A’s response? The colder, the better. The company was thus selected to supply and install over 200,000m2 of textured HDPE in extreme cold. At one time, temperatures even dipped to a body-numbing –44C without halting our production.
Drainage Ditches
We understand the importance of environmental issues, and know how to address them to the benefit of all concerned. To prevent spring runoff coming in contact with contaminated mine tailing, several kilometers of drainage ditches needed to be constructed and lined before the thaw, a very tight deadline with no room for error or delay. A&A took on the challenge and finished well before the winter snow began to melt.
Water Reservoirs
Located on the edge of the Hudson Bay coast, high winds are a constant companion. In the face of bitter cold, and with the threat of equipment failures, materials flying away, safety concerns, and gusts creating havoc with crews and suppliers, A&A carefully installed over 20,000m2 of 100mil HDPE well ahead of schedule.
Permafrost Barrier Wall
The frozen barrier wall was a unique design to be constructed during the winter to prevent fuel-contaminated ground water from draining into a nearby lake. The large blasted bedrock trench needed to be lined and sealed to contain layers of crushed rock saturated with water. The layers had to be allowed to freeze before being insulated to create a frozen, impermeable wall. A&A’s understanding of the design and its experience in Northern construction ensured that the project was built safely and on schedule.

Some other Northern geomembrane projects have included:

  • Sewage lagoons
  • Contaminated soil land farms
  • Collection ponds and sumps
  • Hazardous material storage
  • Oil Storage