• Geomembrane Repairs


A&A Technical Services(A&A) is a Northern-Based Indigenous Company. A&A is a unique company which specializes in the supply and installation of a variety of Engineered Geomembrane Lining Systems in Northern Mining, Oil and Gas, and Construction Industry sectors for the past 23 years across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


A&A has pioneered cold weather liner installations by using innovative techniques to install lining systems year round, down to -40 degrees Celsius, when others would not or could not. This experience has allowed for critical construction milestone to be met. We have internationally certified installers on staff.


A&A Technical Services has installed millions of square meters of geomembrane lining systems  including Polyethylene -HDPE,LLDPE, Bituminous Geomembranes  BGM, Geosynthetic Clay Liners GCL, Geocomposites. We also supply geotextiles, soil reinforcement and drainage products.